A good school means great teaching, welcoming and comfortable accommodation and a chance to explore the UK and meet the British. These all contribute to a successful and enjoyable stay and an experience that students will remember for the rest of their lives.

Our Courses

Members of TEN offer a wide range of full-time English language courses to suit students of different ages and with different needs. Most of our members offer courses throughout the year. One member concentrates on quality, residential summer courses for the 8 to 17 age group.

Courses available at TEN member schools include General English courses, Examination courses and Academic Year courses. Some members also offer more specialised courses including the following: Young Learner courses, Teacher Training courses, Business and Professional English courses and Courses tailored for older people. We also have members who focus exclusively on a particular course type e.g. the Junior market, teacher training or the corporate market.

Our Accommodation

Our members pay a lot of attention to accommodation, welfare and the care of students as this is such an essential part of a successful, enjoyable and safe stay in the UK.

Many younger students prefer catered residential accommodation whereas young adult students often look for self-catering accommodation. Older students and professional people sometimes ask for hotel accommodation.

There are many different types of accommodation available for our students. Homestay accommodation has always been very popular. This is an excellent way to meet people, practise your English and discover our culture.

Our Social Programmes

Some courses, especially those for younger learners, closed groups or older adult students, have an integrated social programme as part of the course. These programmes are tailored to the interests of the age group concerned. In addition our schools also run optional social programmes for students on other courses. These social programmes include excursions and activities with plenty of opportunity to meet other students socially and discover more about our country.

Great Schools in Great Locations

Click on a member below for details of their school, courses and services, or for more information about TEN contact Richard Day.

“English in Chester is more than a school; it is a learning community where we put our students at the centre of everything we do”

Nigel, Principal