TEN is a group of well-established, experienced English language schools located in England. We have a reputation in the market for personal service and high quality in every aspect of our work. We are schools you can trust; a promise we have consistently delivered over many years.

Great Schools in Great Locations

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What is TEN?

  • We are industry leaders in the English language school business.
  • We are the highest ranked association of English language schools (EL Gazette) and deliver a quality service in everything we do.
  • All our permanent teaching staff are fully qualified to diploma level or equivalent.
  • We have very loyal teaching and administrative staff which guarantees that our standards are met, maintained and improved.
  • We listen to our students and their suggestions help us to develop and improve our courses and services.
  • We invest in our staff by holding regular meetings and offering conferences for our personnel.
  • We recognise that English is an international language and believe in a good nationality mix in our schools. All members will willingly provide you with nationality statistics throughout the year.
  • We are committed to fair trade and improving the environment. We actively support our communities and encourage our students to become part of them.

Our Story

In 2010 a small group of well-respected and internationally renowned English language school leaders formed TEN. This network of like-minded and dedicated professionals has trust at its core. Our joint experience amounts to over 500 years and between us we have consistently delivered courses and a standard of service that clients can depend on.

The members of TEN organise conferences and events sharing information and best practice. They work together to share and develop their expertise for the benefit of each member school and its clients.

There is a common commitment to recommend, assist and advise representatives and students on all aspects of English language study. Members of TEN work with representatives around the world who share the same philosophy and professionalism.

Latest posts from TEN

“We love being part of TEN. We remain independent but we share a group experience. It's a privilege to network with the TEN colleagues”

Kevin McNally, Director